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I'm so so excited you guys, please let me know if I'll be seeing any of you there! I could say a whole lot about stuff so here are some bullet points AND an RF meme that's been floating around

- I will (hopefully) get an artist alley table!! I'll be selling buttons, some spare hats I have laying around, and I'll be doing on the spot traditional sketches!

- Chica, unfortunately, will not be a full suit by the time of the con... I WILL, however, be wearing the head with a security guard costume.. so if you see that, that's me! Come say hi and don't be afraid to take pictures!

- I will also be spending a majority of the con lounging around in an empoleon kigurumi! So as with Chica, if you see that, that's me!!


Where are you staying?
not the main hotel, but nearby!

What day are you getting there?
really late on Thursday, probably

How are you traveling?

Who will you be rooming with?
four of my best furry buds! But I can't remember any of their DA names right now haha

How is the best way to find you?
look for a giant Chica head (from Five Night's at Freddy's) or an empoleon kigurumi. I'll be wandering???

Are there any panels you might be attending?
I have no idea. I might pop by some, but I mostly just wanna draw and hang out

What do you look like?
5'2", little pudgy and curvy, with short brown hair... hopefully I'll get a haircut by then

Will you be suiting?
Kind of! See above

Do you do free art?
only for close friends, so.. basically not

Do you do trades?
Yooo we'll see!

Do you do badges?

What is your gender?

How tall are you?

Can I talk to you?
Please do! But for the love of god if you're chewing gum while talking to me plleeeaase spit it out or avoid chewing it. (hearing disorder) 

Can I touch you?
mmmpreferably not too much but high fives and hugs are okay!

Can I visit your room?
probably not

Can I buy you drinks?
yo I'm 19 you back off

Can I give you stuff?
nothing creepy,  but I love gifts ;u;

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
hugs are cool but for the love of god please no snuggles

Are you nice?
I'd like to think I am ;u;

Do you have a dealers table?
YES!!! (but only if I sign up early enough at artist alley) I'm hoping for Friday AND or Saturday!

Will you be going to parties?
I'm really not a party person

Will you be performing?
naw, but I'll be a dork enough that people will probably think that it's a performance

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
mention something about me being a penguin! or shout Emily! cause that's my name!!!

Where will you be most of the time during the day/s?
who knows, this is my first fur con

What/where will you be eating?
food... somewhere? I hear legends of a Denny's tradition

Can I come with you for food/fun/etc?
hey, we'll see!

Can I look in your sketchbook?
yes, sure thing! Please ask first, but I will be bringing my most recent sketchbook

Can I draw in your sketchbook?
preferably not, but I'll be bringing folders of paper for me to draw on as well as others

Can I take your picture?

What's your goal(s) for the con this year?
sell some cool junk, meet some people I might know, make some buds, and just in general... get away from it all <3

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